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The Department of Transportation has been conducting audits in several areas in Montana and North Dakota, and we believe it is always beneficial for the area’s employers to have an opportunity to know what’s expected of them so that they pass the inspection without getting fines for not complying. It’s worth knowing what’s expected in order to avoid these fines, ranging from $600 to $10,000 per person, per day, per occurrence for not complying with Federal Regulations. For this reason, we have enlisted the help of many qualified presenters from all over the United States to make educational programs available to companies participating in drug and alcohol programs. Watch for our next session to be announced right here on our website. To enroll in one of our sessions or schedule training in your area call toll free 877-488-5901 or Contact Us.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training
  • Employee Awareness Program
  • How To Survive A DOT Audit

Carmella Campanian

Carmella Campanian is an Owner of Sage Technical Services and has studied international law at Gonzaga University and then began a versatile career in the trucking industry. Carmella is deemed an expert in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations due to her extensive experience. For over ten years, SAGE has drawn on its staff of transportation industry trainers to provide to the legal profession expert opinions and other litigation services regarding tractor trailer accidents. SAGE provides accident investigations, reconstruction, photography, and diagrams. Our experts can render professional opinions regarding driver qualifications, driver standard of care, federal DOT and state laws and regulations, training and safety compliance and other issues. With a national staff of instructors, SAGE can respond quickly to the needs of litigation teams across the country. We have excellent references available upon request.

Her seminars target all DOT regulated companies who may be selected for an inspection and are required by Federal Law to be compliant with the US Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations regarding USDOT # and Registration; Insurance, Driver Qualification Files, Previous Employers; Drug and Alcohol Testing, Safe Operation of Equipment, Maintenance and Records; Roadside Inspections, Monitoring Driver Activity and Managing Safety Compliance. SAGE offers a variety of truck driving programs to meet the needs of students and employers. SAGE's basic program is designed based upon the entry-level truck driver certification standards set by The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI).  PTDI is the country's foremost advocate of national CDL training standards for truck driving schools.  Each training program is patterned after the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor Trailer Drivers. The programs are continually improved and updated by the schools' program advisory committee, comprised of a broad base of the trucking industry.

Wayne Hovland

Wayne Hovland is Vice President of Drug Screening at Aurico, Inc., a national background and drug screening firm based in Arlington Heights, IL. Mr. Hovland has spent 34 years with the Chicago Police Department. While there he wrote the investigative process on positive employee drug tests and then developed the department’s random drug testing program. Upon retirement, Psychemedics, a hair testing company, hired him as a consultant. In this position he worked with the police departments in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the development and implementation of their drug testing programs. Mr. Hovland consults with employers, public agencies, and law enforcement groups nationwide. He may be reached at 847-255-1852,

Wayne’s seminars are for any DOT or Non-DOT company that has a Drug & Alcohol Program in place. Montana State Law requires that the person in charge of your program, the DER (Designated Employer Representative), and other supervisors in charge, must receive training annually for recognizing signs and symptoms for reasonable suspicion testing. All urine and breath alcohol collectors must be able to prove that the person requesting the reasonable suspicion test be done, be certified to make this call before testing can take place. Required by law, all companies, whether DOT or Non-DOT, must keep these certifications for this training in your business drug and alcohol file. North Dakota State Law is the same as the Federal Law, which requires a one-time certification. He shares valuable information to the business owner, covering the Montana and North Dakota State Laws, the latest DOT 49 CFR Part 40 regulations regarding Drug and Alcohol testing and the updated responsibilities of the DER.

Jan Kornmann

Jan Kornmann, BS, R-CPCT, M-BATT, C-LOCT,  STTT, C-DER, COHC  specializes in training on one to one basis or groups at the company site.  This saves companies from spending extra money and time sending the employees to seminars. She presents to Fortune 500 companies, small companies, clinical staff, and municipals.

Jan earned a Medical Laboratory Technician degree from the Medical Institute of Minnesota. She worked as a technician, supervisor, and then managed various family practice, multi-specialty, and occupational medicine clinics.  She attained a Bachelor of Science degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Management and Sales/ Sales Management graduated with Magna Cum Laude while working full time as a Manager of a occupational medicine clinic. She has over thirty years experience in: clinical laboratory testing, sales of laboratory services, marketing companies- DOT and non DOT drug & alcohol testing and coordinates procedures and policies for their programs and educates on rules and regulations both Federal and State level.

As the owner of KorManagement Services she continues to work with companies on Workplace Drug and Alcohol Programs and Workplace Safety and Health Programs. Being in the drug and alcohol industry business since the inception of drug and alcohol testing in the late 1980’s; she continues to keep abreast of current rules and regulations.  She teaches the basics of drug testing, what the different functions and roles of service agents – Collectors, DER’s, Laboratory, Medical Review Officer (MRO), MRO Assistant, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP),  and Consortium/ Third Party Administrators (C/ TPA).

  • DATIA Certified Professional Collector Trainer (Regional Certified Professional Collector Training since 2002)
  • Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer (BATT) (since 1994)
  • Screening Test Technician Trainer (STTT)
  • Supervisor Drug Free Workplace Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Safety Training

Darcy Panasuk

Darcy Panasuk, OHST, ASP, CDS is the owner of Specialized Risk Solutions (SRS). SRS provides onsite Safety and Compliance Solutions to Agricultural and Trucking Companies across Montana and North Dakota.

Darcy has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Administration and an extensive background in Safety, OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance which has allowed her to become certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals in both the OHST (Occupational Health and Safety Technician) and ASP (Associate Safety Professional) designations. She is recognized as a Certified Director of Safety by the North American Transportation Management Institute.

Darcy is also a Licensed Insurance Agent in Property, Casualty, Life, and Health, which she utilizes to help her customers identify and manage their areas of risk and decrease their insurance and Worker's Compensation rates and premiums.

Darcy specializes in helping companies start and/or improve their safety program through policy development, training, and the implementation of behavioral safety techniques. She has worked with many companies in the Bakken and has assisted in developing the skill set of Safety Directors already serving her client's. She believes an active safety program is essential to any companies bottom line. An effective safety program will decrease loss time injuries, boost employee morale, and reduce costs associated with a poor safety record including increased insurance premiums and regulatory penalties.

Services offered by SRS include:

  • Safety Program and Policy Development: designed to meet your business's needs and requirements of DOT, OSHA, State and Local regulations
  • Mock DOT audit
  • On Site Hazard Assessments
  • Implementation of Risk Management Techniques to promote a positive safety culture
  • Act as your liaison for Government Agency audits including DOT, OSHA, and EPA
  • Offer Onsite assistance with accident investigations
  • Safety Committee implementation (required by MT law and discount through ND WSI)
  • Skill set development for your Current Safety Directors
  • Offer trainings required by policies written for your DOT and OSHA Compliance Programs that can be conducted onsite or at the conference room available in our office, located in the Checkers® building in Sidney, MT

Instead of completing all of your compliance and safety work from our office, we want our staff onsite to understand your company and know your employees. For more information or a free compliance and risk assessment, please call 406-489-5235 today.

  • Education
  • Classes
  • Qualified Trainers and Presenters
  • DER/Reasonable Suspicion Seminar
  • Employee Guidance


  • 24/7 Availability for all collection types, not "just accidents"
  • Your schedule not ours
  • Serving Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana


  • Our collectors are professional and thorough with Federal and State Regulations.
  • Regular Audit of Collector Procedures
  • Monthly Audits of all Custody and Control forms
  • Continued Education Required Annually for Collectors
  • Unmatched for Accuracy
  • Proof of Insurance : Checkers / Allcheck


  • No lost time waiting at a hospital, clinic or lab
  • No lost wages for employee and supervisor while waiting
  • Increases productivity
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